Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Hi Alcala's visiters.

Alcala is a wonderful city.



You may already know a bit about bars in Alcala from reading the “tapas,” http://www.dream-alcala.com/en/tapas-in-alcala/ or “nightlife” pages, but don’t stop reading yet… there is still a lot to learn!
Becca Fogel, New Jersey, USA.

Bars in Alcala, and much of Spain, have a variety of functions. Ultimately, they are places of social reunion, to kickback and have some cañas and copas, or to enjoy a morning coffee and tostado with classmates. They are great places to meet up with friends, meet new people, and of course, stay well-nourished.

However, the concept of bars in Alcala doesn’t necessarily align with the American concept of “bars.” In fact, many bars in Alcala seem to serve the double function of bar and café (in the American sense). For instance, some bar venues that are perfect for relaxing with coffee and a book during the day attract rowdy sports crowds at night (go Real Madrid!). Plus, almost all venues you may be temped to call “cafés” in Alcala sell beer and wine, which is unlike the cafes in United States where liquor licenses are notoriously hard to acquire.

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